How to choose your daily HANDBAG

The question most women have in mind when they wake up in the morning is “What should I wear today?”, while you may find the answer very quickly, some of us will always be undecided. Today I want to talk about handbags, we all have them, but don’t we all hate it when we can’t find the perfect one? Well I know I do, so without further delay, let’s start.

            We all have that bag we wore to exhaustion, I have it, my mom has it, I bet you do too. Is something wrong with that? Well, no, last time I checked BORING wasn’t a crime. Mine is a black, plain handbag (most of them are), and works on every outfit. If you like to keep it safe, keep it, but if you like to step out of your comfort zone, I suggest you to bring colour to a bag, and the most amazing part is it won’t take a Birkin to do it.

This ZARA tote is perfect for spring/summer. It’s bright and big enough, the problem occurs when styling, so you might not want to wear neon. Monochrome outfits will do the job. This bag is in a strong colour so your clothing should temper it.


Another great choice is a basket tote. Almost every big designer has it in their collection, and also their prices are as big as their name, but you can have this one for MUCH LESS. This bag has a safer colour, and allows you to wear it to a bigger variety of outfits.


Printed bags are always a good option. Especially when the print reflects the season like this tote. It is mostly white,  which makes it really easy to style. Find it here.





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