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Punk subculture began in mid 1970s and we’ve seen it almost everywhere. When I say punk i think about Sex Pistols, Ramones and garage bands. Punk was a reaction against the popular disco music who was seen superficial and cheap (I can think of so pretty good examples). History is BORING so I will jump to the interesting part: Punk influence on fashion.

The first designer who made a collection based on punk elements was Vivienne Westwood. Everyday punk adepts wore second-hand clothes, leather jackets and drainpipe jeans (aka skinny jeans). Punk clothing is many times mistaken with gothic, grunge or other styles from the dark side. Pop punk is more friendly with contemporary fashion with tartan clothes and studded jackets. My vision of punk is rebellion against popular culture and originality.

Punk elemnts are often included in couture collections and in 2013 MET opened a gallery all about it:


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  1. Emmanuelle says:

    The MET always seems to create awesome exhibitions ! Too bad I don’t live in NY ^^


  2. In Punk We Trust is fantastic! I love this rock look it is so edgy and fun to play around with. Great article and those photos are inspiring. 😉


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