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I had a request to do a post about how to not make mistakes in fashion, well I can’t do that because fashion doesn’t have any rules (or almost, wearing socks with sandals doesn’t count). So starting from that I thought to do a post about the wrongs I think should never happen.

An unwritten rule says “never have more than three colors“, I somehow disagree it. I know some people who I think are like color masters and manage to handle them. If you are not like them, then you should be careful. Don’t be afraid of using them, start with something vibrant on the top and go neutral on the bottom or vice versa (depending on your body).

Never match your bag with your shoes unless it’s 2004 or they have matching prints. If it’s the last option make sure your clothes are in a neutral color. It’s boring to have a plain outfit so I would opt for contrast between the accessories.

Don’t wear a watch on an evening gown. This mistake is so common even in the celebrity world, let’s hope they will put a wall watch at the next Golden Globes. Bracelets and rings are more than enough for your arms ladies so please our eyes and let your Rolex home.

Bandage Dresses. Oh Lord, unless you have a runaway body never buy them. Hervé Léger trademark dresses aren’t that lumière after all.

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  1. Love your blog it’s great please check mine out and give me some advice x


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