DESIGNER CLOTHING: get the high look for less

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As a woman, the love for clothes is in our blood, especially the high priced ones. It’s not a secret that you are paying mostly for the brand, not the piece itself. But who judges? Not me. I have designer clothes and I also have cheaper retailers clothes but I can admit the high price ones are more qualitative. So the question everybody wants to know the answer is “How can I buy cheap designer clothes?”. Well, it is not as simple as I wanted it to be, but it’s not impossible. 

1. Look for sales

Sales are the best method to get a better price. Websites like The OutnetSaksNordstrom always have sales and clearances so subscribing to their newsletter always brings you good deals.

2. Auction Websites

Bidding for a Chanel vintage bag is always fun and if you are lucky you might have it for half of the retailer’s price, and it’s the only way you can buy Chanel pieces because they never go on sale. Ebay is the best for this.

3. Pre-owned

It is not the best way, but it’s definitely the cheapest. Rich people get bored often so they sale their designer clothes, bags, shoes etc.. There are many second-hand online stores that sell pre-owned clothing only if they are original. 

So if you ever think about buying designer pieces at a full price, think again and try to get the best price. 

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  1. manuela says:

    very nice blog dear!!!
    would you follow each other ?


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